May has had a number of policy successes over the years that have resulted in successful legislative or regulatory changes.
Among the highlights include:

Transportation Industry

The May Group LLC draws on extensive experience handling major transportation issues in Congress and the Federal government, with Jim May having served as president and CEO of America's largest airline trade association. Under his leadership, the Air Transport Association focused on a wide range on transportation initiatives including:

  • Convincing the government to provide monetary recovery assistance following the 9/11 terrorist attacks
  • Successfully fighting increased government taxes and regulations
  • Coordinating efforts to improve safety, security and environmental measures within the industry
  • Establishing an analytical approach with Department of Transportation agency officials and airlines to provide the world's safest form of transportation
  • Educating policymakers and the public on the economic benefits of airline travel
  • Working with officials at the Federal Aviation Administration to modernize the nation's antiquated air traffic control system and funding structure
  • Conducting open and expanded bipartisan dialogue with Congress and the administration
  • Emphasizing the industry's outstanding environmental record and proactive commitment to further improving environmental performance
  • Implementing meaningful solutions to address airspace congestion and enhance customer service with a wide range of influential groups including labor unions, airports and local officials
  • Accommodating the robust needs of the Transportation Security Administration, while maintaining the smooth flow of commerce and minimizing inconvenience to passengers and shippers

Telecommunications Industry

The May Group LLC provides government relations support to organizations hoping to impact telecommunications issues in Congress and among federal regulators. Jim May and his select group of strategic partners draw upon vast policy knowledge and contacts within Congress, the administration and the telecom industry to determine the most effective strategies for achieving policy goals.

Jim May previously served as the lead industry point person for the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) as the association worked with Congress to draft and pass the first comprehensive overhaul of the nation's telecommunications law in 62 years. He was instrumental in helping formulate that law.

Consumer Products

The May Group LLC has years of experience providing support and strategic advice to both national and regional organizations involved in consumer products industries.

  • Led a coalition of more than 100 corporations, labor groups and associations that successfully convinced Congress to reform commodity futures markets
  • Rare bipartisan experience of working, at different times, for both Pepsi and Coke
  • Created the original and highly regarded grassroots campaign for Grocery Manufacturers of America